Wednesday, March 24, 2010


So I found out today I will be going part-time on May 9th. I had been thinking about this for quite sometime now but I woke up a couple of weeks ago and realized that it was something that I needed to do. Don't get me wrong, I know I am blessed to have a job in the current economy....but my family needs me more right now. I love being a Mommy and I hope to have more children one day, but there are just somethings that people don't tell you. And I don't think it would really matter, its just something you have to learn for yourself. ITS HARD!!!!! I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world, but juggling a marriage, a full-time job, a child, and keeping your house in somewhat livable condition is not easy! My husband rotates shifts between days and nights, and there are days when we only see each other for a few minutes. We have gone WEEKS without even going out to or no baby. I think back to the past few months, and I feel guilty. This past Christmas was Aniston's first Christmas. Her ONLY first Christmas she will ever have. And we never took the time to go to see Santa. (Yes, I know that this isn't what Christmas is about, but its just one of those traditions I wanted to start) We never had a day off together to take her. We have wanted to get her ears pierced for quite some time now, and we don't have time. Thats sad. There arent many things in the past year other than my maternity leave that includes both Mommy & Daddy. One of us is ALWAYS working. Thats about to change. It may mean that I have to become one those super thrifty moms, and I may have to clip more coupons, and budget alot better. But I am determined to do more things this summer as a family. Day trips, getting our house back in order, working in the yard......and enjoying every single moment with our precious angel! 
Sneak peek at her Easter/Birthday pictures....more to come!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Its been a while.....

I am such a blogging slacker. For some reason I just could never get into it but I making a vow this time to post at least once a week. (I know those that follow my blog have heard that before, for I am gonna try REALLY hard!) The past few months, have flown by. I can't believe that our little Princess will be a year old in less than 3 weeks! So, soon after her first Christmas, I began planning her birthday party. Its bittersweet....we have so much to look forward to but its sad that my sweet little baby girl is well, no longer a baby. Several co-workers were pregnant with me, all due with in weeks of each other. We missed the first birthday party of the group ( Sorry, Liliana!), but we did go to Brandi's little girl, Aydson's first birthday party this past Saturday. I don't think it really hit me how fast time has flown until we were all standing around, and everyone was singing 'Happy Birthday'. Little Adyson, was in front of her cake in her highchair just as sweet and innocent as ever. And I suddenly felt like I was in this whirlwind. I can remember the exact moment that we each found out each other were pregnant. Her 10 weeks, me 8. I had to fight tears because I looked down at Aniston, who was sitting at my feet with her little 'Birthday Diva' party hat on and I realize that exacly 3 weeks from that moment, it would be her. We would be the ones videotaping, laughing and watching our sweet little girl digging into her 1st birthday cake....

Brandi, the birthday 'Diva' Aydson and her cousins
Eating some yummy baked ziti!
I think maybe Aniston & Lili were wondering where the cake was?

Adyson & her cake

Aniston trying it out....

I think she liked it :)

 Hopefully my next post will be some pictures to catch up on the past few months!

Monday, October 5, 2009

My favorite time of the year!

I absolutely LOVE fall. I love opening the windows and burning candles and watching the leaves fall. I couldn't think of any other place I would rather be right now, just tucked away at our little home in the mountains. that sounded really cheesy. But its amazing how when you get older, you don't take anything for granted. I feel like the world has passed me by the past few months....I feel like I haven't gotten out much. But thats ok, I have been right where I need to be....with my precious little girl. She has grown so much, right before our eyes! She is eating baby food and LOVING it! I must say, that her chubby thighs aren't going anywhere anytime soon! :-) She has one little tooth on the bottom and has another one coming in. We are having her fall/6 month pictures taken next week and I will post them as soon as I can! I am excited, I hope they turn out good! AND last but not least....she is saying 'dada' and it is SO stinkin' cute! I could just squeeze her!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Need some tips....

So, I am stealing this idea from Micah...I need some tips from all the mommy's (and wives)that are following my blog.....

1) How on earth do you keep your house clean...or do you? I mean I am working full-time and can't seem to get ANYTHING done! I try to spend my time with Aniston and then clean the house after she goes to bed...but then I am So tired! Ofcourse if I didn't spend so much freakin' time on Facebook, things might be different. I think I am in need of a Facebook detox program. Anyway, so your husband's help you? Do you have some sort of routine? I have never been a neat freak, but I have totally let it go and its driving me crazy!

2) We need some serious teething tips!! We have Sophie, which she loves, but she only seems to be bothered at night. We have tried Oragel, Motrin and Tylenol. She went from sleeping 10-12 hours at night....and last night she woke up 7 times(I was at work)!!! If my poor husband had hair...he would have pulled it out. It was horrible! She will be 6 months old on Oct 10th and is on her 2nd tooth :-(

Thats all I can think of for now....because I ofcourse I need to go clean the house since our new babysitter is coming over tomorrow!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Its been a while.....

So I am finally updating my blog....after 4 months! LOL And since pretty much everyone follows me on Facebook, I am not going to try and catch up. I spend enough time on Facebook, I don't know why I haven't gotten into blogging. Just something else to be addicted to! But here goes, I PROMISE I will keep it updated! :-)

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Day 2 in the hospital....

Miss Aniston was a very popular young lady on her birthday....she had lots of visitors! Both sets of grandparents, Aunt Haley, and Jennifer were there to meet her that morning!!! Then several people came by to see her later in the day. We are so blessed to have such wonderful family and friends that care so much for our precious little girl!

The day our lives changed forever....

With a due date of April 6th, no one seemed to think that I would quite make it that far. I started dilating at 36 weeks, and progressed every week...up until the week of my due date. I was 4 cm and 70% effaced for over a week, and ended up going in for induction on April 9th. Ugh, and was it ever an experience!!! The day started out great, pitocin was started, and I got my epidural....and then we waited.

I didn't make any progress until about 5 in the evening, (we went in at 6am), and then things moved very quickly! I started pushing at about 9:30pm, until my hubby's truck got hit in the parking lot!!! Of all things!!!! Anyway, so once that was taken care of, my Doctor came just in time for my epidural to quit working.....another big UGH. We had to call the poor little Anethisia guy back in...(which I feel kinda bad now because I don't think I was very nice to him!! lol)....and he had to give me more medicine in it....and that didn't work either!!! He eventually gave me something to take SOME of the pain away....and Aniston made her appearance a couple hours later!! (yes I said a couple HOURS...of PUSHING!!!) Aniston Michelle Underwood
April 10th, 2009 1:04 AM
8 lbs 11oz 19 1/2 inches