Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Need some tips....

So, I am stealing this idea from Micah...I need some tips from all the mommy's (and wives)that are following my blog.....

1) How on earth do you keep your house clean...or do you? I mean I am working full-time and can't seem to get ANYTHING done! I try to spend my time with Aniston and then clean the house after she goes to bed...but then I am So tired! Ofcourse if I didn't spend so much freakin' time on Facebook, things might be different. I think I am in need of a Facebook detox program. Anyway, so your husband's help you? Do you have some sort of routine? I have never been a neat freak, but I have totally let it go and its driving me crazy!

2) We need some serious teething tips!! We have Sophie, which she loves, but she only seems to be bothered at night. We have tried Oragel, Motrin and Tylenol. She went from sleeping 10-12 hours at night....and last night she woke up 7 times(I was at work)!!! If my poor husband had hair...he would have pulled it out. It was horrible! She will be 6 months old on Oct 10th and is on her 2nd tooth :-(

Thats all I can think of for now....because I ofcourse I need to go clean the house since our new babysitter is coming over tomorrow!

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Micah said...

1. First off, my house is never really clean. Each room will stay clean for about five minutes, then s new mess pops up, but tht is just the way it goes around here. What I do is this, and it really helps me: Get a laundry basket and start in one end of the house, say in your bedroom. Pick up anything that doesn't belong in there, put it in the basket. Go to the next room, if there is anything in the basket that belongs in that room, simply put it down in that room, pick up anything there that doen't belong. Once you have been in each room once, go back through in reverse order, taking stuff out of the basket, and actually putting things where they go this time. This way, you only have to go in each room 2 times, and your house is pretty much straightened up. Plus, you can stop in the middle of it, leave your basket, and always come back and pick up right where you left off.

2. Hyland's Teething Tablets. That is the only thing that helps Ramsey when nothing else will. I put two little tablets in a medicine dropper, fill with a tiny bit of water, let it dissolve, and give it to him like I would Tylenol or any other med. Hope that helps! :0)