Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Day 2 in the hospital....

Miss Aniston was a very popular young lady on her birthday....she had lots of visitors! Both sets of grandparents, Aunt Haley, and Jennifer were there to meet her that morning!!! Then several people came by to see her later in the day. We are so blessed to have such wonderful family and friends that care so much for our precious little girl!

The day our lives changed forever....

With a due date of April 6th, no one seemed to think that I would quite make it that far. I started dilating at 36 weeks, and progressed every week...up until the week of my due date. I was 4 cm and 70% effaced for over a week, and ended up going in for induction on April 9th. Ugh, and was it ever an experience!!! The day started out great, pitocin was started, and I got my epidural....and then we waited.

I didn't make any progress until about 5 in the evening, (we went in at 6am), and then things moved very quickly! I started pushing at about 9:30pm, until my hubby's truck got hit in the parking lot!!! Of all things!!!! Anyway, so once that was taken care of, my Doctor came just in time for my epidural to quit working.....another big UGH. We had to call the poor little Anethisia guy back in...(which I feel kinda bad now because I don't think I was very nice to him!! lol)....and he had to give me more medicine in it....and that didn't work either!!! He eventually gave me something to take SOME of the pain away....and Aniston made her appearance a couple hours later!! (yes I said a couple HOURS...of PUSHING!!!) Aniston Michelle Underwood
April 10th, 2009 1:04 AM
8 lbs 11oz 19 1/2 inches

Starting over....

Well, I started a baby blog back in November and had every intention on blogging about the pregnancy...well live was kinda crazy and I didn't get very far. So we are starting over, beginning with Aniston's arrival and I will try my best to keep it updated!